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5 Benefits of Artificial Flowers - BeautifulLife Store

5 Benefits of Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers are growing in popularity, and there’s a good reason for that. Check out our FIVE reasons below why they are a perfect alternative to the fresh stem. 


1) LONG LASTING. Artificial flowers have the obvious benefit of lasting. Our realistic blooms will look fresh year-round regardless of the season, heat or where they are placed.  


2) COST EFFECTIVE. There are no weekly costs of replacing fresh flowers in your workplace or home. Our arrangements are all made to order and are botanically correct versions of their fresh counterparts. 


3) MAINTENANCE-FREE. Well, little. No cutting stems, changing water, picking up fallen petals and disposing of stinky wilted stems. All our blooms need is to be lightly blown with a hairdryer on a cool setting once in a while to get off any dust particles that may have fallen. A wipe with a clean cloth also does the job. Artificial flowers can be placed in any room and there’s no need to stress with the summer heat or ensuring your flowers have enough to drink; they will always look their best .  



4) HYPOALLERGENIC. Are you a Hayfever sufferer? Artificial flowers are allergy friendly. They are perfect for medical practices, dental surgeries, vets (yes animals have allergies too), reception areas, and of course the home. 


5) SEASONALITY OF BLOOMS. Love Peonies? Hellebores? Flowering Magnolia? Unfortunately the availabilty of these beautiful fresh flowers depends on the season. Our reaslistic copies can be in your home or workplace year round, looking their absolute best whatever the season. 


All Secret Blooms arrangements are made to order, so we can customise each order to your specifications; whether that be changing the vase or substituting a stem. 

At Secret Blooms we ensure we provide our customers with the most realistic artificial flowers available. We spend a long time sourcing the right stems that are realistic copies of the ones you see outside, and all our arrangements are made to order, packaged with TLC for protection in transport and delivered FREE Australia-wide.

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