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11 Benefits Of Bolsters Pillows

  1. Bolsters 8 Surprising Benefits That You Might Not Know
  2. Bolsters are a type of long, narrow pillows that are filled with a material like cotton, down or fibre. They are essentially a great alternative to baby blankets and duvets that moms often use to prevent their babies from rolling over in the crib. Having a long cylindrical shape, they are distinctive in style and offer a number of benefits, of which some are being listed here:
  3. Increased Comfort Studies shows that snuggling up to something creates a comforting psychological effect that helps newborns enjoy a quiet, restful sleep. Being soft and cuddly, baby bolsters stimulate your baby’s sense of comfort and thereby help him get the best sleep possible.
  4. Offers Protection Be it about preventing your little one from rolling away or providing him a supportive item to roll over, baby bolsters work well in both situations. Not only they can be used as a bumper inside the crib, but also they can be used as an anti-roll pillow to prevent your infant from falling off the bed.
  5. Good For Tummy Time Tummy time is one of the best ways to strengthen different parts of your baby’s body, like neck, shoulders, arms and trunk. While tummy time is recommended for a baby from the day one, many babies don’t find it very comfortable. If yours is one of them, you can place a bolster under his chest to provide him extra support and comfort during the tummy time.
  6. Promotes Good Posture As your baby spend most of his time on his back, keeping him in a healthy sleeping posture becomes very crucial for you. A baby bolster not only provides firm support to your baby’s neck but also establishes a proper alignment between his head, neck and spine during sleep.
  7. Gives Baby A Better View A bolster keeps the baby’s head in a reclined position from where he can get a better view of his surroundings by raising his head. On the other hand, if you place a blanket behind your infant’s head, he is not able to see very much as the blanket keeps him lying in a flat position. Thus he is not encouraged to try raising his head, which results into less visual stimulation.
  8. Prevents Potential Injuries Bolster pillows are perfect for preventing any injuries or discomfort that may occur when your baby is sleeping. Providing support to the neck and spine, a bolster not only helps your little one get the best sleep possible but also saves him from diseases like scoliosis.
  9. Great Baby Shower Gift Because of their versatile use, baby bolsters are a great item to gift someone who is recently blessed with a baby. Unlike typical baby shower gift items like pacifiers and jumpsuits, a bolster pillow is a unique gift item that mums can use in a number of ways as described above.
  10. An Interesting Decor Item Last but not least, you can take advantage of bolster pillows to break the monotony of traditional cushions and bring some vibrancy to your bedroom. The unique styling of baby bolsters makes them an ideal item for the decorative enhancement of couches, beds or other pieces of furniture. Additionally, their covers which come in interesting and decorative prints make the interiors look more comfortable and inviting.
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